Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shoulder Fate

I've been slacking, but I sort of have an excuse. Remember I told you about our ski vacation? I got hurt along with two others. I ended up with a SLAP tear to my left shoulder. That means surgery. Because of this, I really haven't been in a mood for anything.

That area that says GLENOID LIG. at the bottom center is what tore.

I've been trying to heal myself from within so I don't have to have surgery. I started juicing which I feel has been helping many other areas of my health. In addition, I have been seeing my Chinese medicine doctor/chiropractor and a Body Talk practitioner. I got a double dose of energy medicine on Friday.

Yesterday I started a 21 day yoga challenge. Yes, I am a bit challenged when it comes to my left shoulder, but I was able to do all the poses. I really hope this will help strengthen my arm.

Surprisingly I have had very little pain. The problem is when my shoulder starts to sublux. I just have it push it back where it belongs.

Tomorrow I meet with the orthopedic surgeon to see my options. I just hope they are open to seeing things in my light.

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