Thursday, April 8, 2010

I LOVE my Job!

How many of you can honestly say, "I love my job?" I can! I really have the best job. Of course my primary job of being mom and wife are great, but I am talking about my job as a nurse.

I work part time which really makes working even more desirable. I get a five day weekend every other week. That right there says dream job.

This weekend, I was talking to my aunt and she was asking about my job. I was going on and on about what I do and she stopped me mid-sentence. Her response was, "I have never seen you smile talking about work or so enthusiastic." I guess I never realized I did that.

As a nurse, I have taken on many jobs over the last 13 years. Some have been good and well, some not so good. I remember my first nursing job. It was on a 23 hour observation unit working nights. After 6 months, I was charge nurse. One of my nursing assistants from then ended up being one of my charge nurses later down the line. Congrats to her for moving on up the education ladder and is now completing nurse anesthetist school!

Between my first job and my present one, I did many things. Reflecting on this, I see I mostly worked in some field of cardiology. The first few years I worked nights and I always seemed to be sick and my body was cold all the time. I am so glad I was able to get on day shift. Let's see; I worked observation, step-down ICU, travel nursing in step-down ICU, agency in telemetry, ICU, and CCU, GI lab, post CABG, heart transplant, CCU, ICU, echo lab, stress lab, cath lab, and even helped out in cardiology doctor's offices. Well, this all leads up to what I am doing today. As a Cardiac Rehab Nurse Clinician, I teach patient's about taking care of their hearts.

No more 12 hour shifts. No working weekends or holidays. No taking call. No more nights. No hurricane duty. Just 8 hour shifts (including a lunch break), 3 days one week and 2 days the next.

Isn't the nursing profession wonderful that there is so much flexibility and so many options? It really is!