Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project #2

Since the girls had no school Monday, it was Project Monday. The task was to sort through closets and weed out the clothes that no longer fit. We had success!

I had piles of clothes on my dresser from the past week. I got all those sorted and put away and pulled out everything I don't wear. There are plenty of things that don't fit, but I have to hold onto them until I can get smaller clothes to replace them. Yes, I've been pinning and belting all my slacks. I was hoping to get rid of more things in my closet, but I didn't.

The girls were having a great time organizing. I was shocked. The best part is that it is organized and they were the main reason it got done. I LOVE when they contribute like that. The plan is to have a yard sale in the next six weeks. The problem is that in the next six weeks we have Mardi Gras parades and Super Bowl amongst other activities going on in the metro New Orleans area. I don't know how I am going to fit it in.

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