Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life is so Ridiculously Busy

Here's proof of how busy I've been! Life is so ridiculously busy. I can't catch my breath at times. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am studying to be a health coach. My job share partner at my primary job retired, so I have been working full time in addition to going to school and starting my new business. Luckily for me we hired someone last week. She starts next Monday!

So, here goes! Check out my websites. I have my health coaching website and my essential oils website. If yo need either service, please keep me in mind. I almost forgot to mention I have a Facebook page and Twitter account, too.

Health Coaching by Michelle:
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bone Broth for Healing

Topic of the Day: Bone Broth

Last night I made bone broth. Sure, I've made broth before, but never a healing bone broth. The difference with the two is that one is simmered for several hours and the other isn't.

I had a chicken and was about to throw it out, but remembered reading about the many benefits of using bone broth. Here they are:
Boosts immune system 
Improves digestion and tooth health
Improves allergies and brain health
Healthy development of joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons
Healthy hair, nails and skin
Decreases inflammation
Calms the mind
Aids in sleep

The elements in the bone are what helps you heal. These are bone marrow, calcium, collagen, chondroitin, gelatin, glycosamino glycans, glycine, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and proline. 

Bone broth is assistive in repairing your body from bacterial and viral infections. These are just a few of the many wonderful benefits of bone broth. 

For more detailed information and recipes, please check out these resources:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You've Been Served

Last week I had the pleasure of being summoned to jury duty. I think you and I probably have the save reaction when we receive that letter in the mail....dread.

Yes, I needed to find a sitter for my 3 kids and make arrangements for work. I get to the jury room after rushing and found a table where I can set up shop. I was minding my own business doing my thing, but a guy at the table is just going on and on and on. I truly think he liked hearing himself speak. It was funny because he mentioned he was going to go into law school. It seemed quite befitting for him.

Finally, the first round of names were called. I wasn't on the list. A sigh of relief. But is that good or bad? Another hour or two passed and another round of names. I kept hearing my first name, but luckily different last names. Then I hear name was called. Oh, no, not me!

Our group of about 40 were corralled into the court room. We have to sit in the pews in a just so right fashion. Next they go through a bunch of questions that might eliminate a few people immediately. I wasn't one of those. By this time it is around 12:00 noon. My stomach is grumbling. Fourteen names were called. I was #7. Now, I have to move to the jury box. Sweaty palms. Heart rate increasing.

The judge starts asking a series of questions for all 14 potential jurors. Nothing impressive is going on. Finally we get through the 14th potential juror. Yeah! They release us for lunch. I head out to the Thai restaurant up the street, but it is closed. There is another potential juror that had the same idea as me, but to our surprise, the restaurant was closed. I headed to the pizza joint next door and the hostess assumed a gentleman that walked in at the same time was with me. We decided to have lunch together.

It turns out he is an attorney, but also a potential juror. We got to talking about many things. One in particular of how a unique case he is working on should be turned into a movie. You see, we don't really have to pay top dollar to go to the movie theatre to get entertainment, movies are written about characters in our own backyard albeit friends and family. I was trying to rush my lunch when I noticed the lawyers from "my courtroom" were two tables over. No need to rush at this point since they were still eating.

So, now I'm back in the jury box. The lawyers start questioning us. There really was no us, it was just me. They had a field day questioning me. Yep, you got it. I was one of the chosen 7. At that point I was sequestered in the jury room and couldn't leave unless I was walked back into the courtroom. I had to wait back there for the additional potential jurors to get questioned. At 5:30 they finally picked the final jurors. I headed out of there around 6:00 PM.

What made the day a bit frightening was that we were escorted to the parking garage with 2 police officers. Not only did we get escorted, we were taken out the back way, walked to our cars, then they were waiting at the garage exit to make sure we actually left safely.

Day 2 was better planned. I knew what to expect. I could go into great detail, but I won't. The verdict was that the defendants were not guilty, unanimously. The state did not have enough evidence to prove guilt. Yes, we got the same escort to our cars that day, too. It was a one day trial which I thought was incredible.

Although I dreaded the idea of being on a jury, it was a good experience. I learned a lot about the justice system and have a bit more respect for it. I do realize that many of these cases that are publicized on the news are blown out of proportion and the facts of the case aren't even available to the public. It is such a pity what the media frenzy can do to the legal system.

I got to speak with the judge after and appreciated what he does even more. A few days later, I received a letter from him thanking me for my time. It was such a nice and genuine gesture. Who sends personal mail these days? I was really proud at that moment when I read his letter and that I had the privilege to serve on a jury. I felt like I did my American given duty of serving.

Maybe next time I get summoned, I won't have dread, but actually enjoy serving.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My New Favorite Snack

Meet my new favorite snack: Red Bell Peppers!

My two favorite things about red peppers are the crunch and sweetness. Its scientific name is Capsicum Annuum and is a nightshade veggie.  Capsicum is the "hot" part of a pepper, but bell peppers have very little of this, therefore they are on the sweet and tangy side. 

One cup of these crunchy yummy goodnesses only have 1 gram of fat. That is impressive and is chock full of nutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Are you ready to see all the many vitamins and minerals bell peppers have? Here goes in descending order:
vitamin C
vitamin A
vitamin B6
vitamin E
vitamin K
vitamin B2, B3, B1
vitamin B5

Did you know paprika comes from powered bell peppers? Yep, that's right. 
Do you know how to choose a good one? Choose those that are deep in color, no spots or dark areas. Heavy and firm are good traits for them to have.

They are sensitive to moisture. If you refrigerate them, cover with a damp cloth.  If you want to speed up their ripening, sit them on your counter.  

I prefer my bell peppers raw, but there are many great ways to prepare them. When we get closer to autumn, I'll post my stuffed bell pepper recipe. Other ways of eating them are sautéed, stuffed, finely chopped in recipes, roasted, and part of the Louisiana Trinity of onions, celery, and bell pepper,  

Just remember that bell peppers are one of the dirty dozen meaning they have more pesticide than other veggies. If you have the option, choose organic for this tasty snack.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Up and Running!

Tonight I launched my very first health coaching Facebook page. I had been putting it off for weeks, but tonight decided this was THE night.

After I made it live, I had 15 likes in less than an hour. How awesome is that?

Here's the link. It is entitled Health Coaching by Michelle. In addition, my official website can be found here.