Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Teacher Bad Teacher

I have been hearing a lot about good teachers versus bad teachers within the US school system. Even Obama is talking about programs to get rid of the "bad" teachers. Maybe there is a lot more to this situation than just bad teachers.

I am not a teacher, but I am a mother of three preschool and school age girls, PTA president, school volunteer and I do teach first graders (as a parental volunteer) a class once a week for thirty minutes at one of the local public schools.

Yes, I am sure there are good teachers and bad teachers, just like there are good employees and bad employees, good and bad students, good and bad everything. I seriously have a hard time believing a "bad" teacher is the one to make a whole school's grade percentage to fall below.

This has become a blame game and no one wants to take responsibility. So, therefore, the fingers are pointing toward the so-called bad teachers. What are the schools doing to support their "bad" teachers? Are teachers getting annual workshops on learning newest teaching methods to adapt to the needs of children today? What else are the schools doing to support their teaching staff? Are these schools with "bad" teachers reaching out to the families to get them involved in their child's education?

Maybe this is a family issue; a problem that starts in the home. When these reports go out about the "bad" teachers, are they looking at the students' home life, parental involvement, how much time does this student spend on homework and studying?

From my personal experience in both the public and private school system, it is the same. The more involved the parents are in their child's life, whether it be social, school, extracurricular, or personal, makes a huge difference in the child's academic career.

Parents, get involved in your child's life. See what's going on with them. Volunteer at school. Help out with homework every night. Decrease television, computer, and game time. Do more things as a family. Eat dinner together as much as possible. I know kids can be difficult and don't necessarily want you around, but let them know you are there for them. I feel like if we, as parents, take these small steps in our child's lives, it won't make a difference if they have good or bad teachers. They will learn to strive for the best and do well, regardless. We are the ones that have to lay down a solid foundation for them and be a good role model.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Taco Bed

Do you have a taco bed? Oh, I see. You are wondering what is a taco bed I bet. It is a toddler bed. I am not sure how my girls got taco out of toddler, but they did. So, for the last few years, the toddler bed has been referred to as the taco bed.

We had the privilege of using a family crib that has been passed down for many years. It started with my nephew about 25 years ago. Then it made its way to his 2 brothers, 2 other nephews, and my 3 girls. Now we get to pass it on to another family member.

This is the point where the taco bed comes into play. I was given an undetermined date to return the crib.....October of this year. I was panicking because the baby was still sleeping in her crib. Yes, that was an exciting thing that at 2 years and 3 months she was still sleeping there.....until this week.

I am not sure if she had some type of taco bed radar or what, but the last 2 nights, she didn't want to have anything to do with her crib. I figured we would give the taco bed a try and we had great success! Two nights in a row and she laid down and went right to sleep. My biggest fear was that she would get out of bed and start wondering around since she wasn't confined like in the crib. No, she didn't.

I guess we can pack up the crib and pass it along. Hip hip hooray for taco bed success!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is 40 Really Fabulous?

Ok, so I turned 40 a few weeks ago and things just aren't right. Leading up too that point I was taking care of me and my health. But something happened. It is as though a switch was turned off (or on) and everything has gone downhill.

Is this typical for this milestone? So, here's what I am talking about. I have acne. I am a 40 year old with acne. I never had this problem before, not even in my pubescent days. I have been eating like a ravenous beast. I put on a few pounds, but the problem is that it has distributed itself in the thigh area. I have been the same weight for about 15 years +/- a pound here and there. Before, I never really liked to eat chocolate, but now I hoard it and have it tucked away so that the kids won't find it. I want it all to myself. This is just crazy! C-R-A-Z-Y ......I say.

I exercise and I don't get the results that I used to get. Maybe because I am eating like a ravenous beast, oh I mentioned that already. I realize I don't have and I probably won't have my tight 30 year old body, but good golly geez, why can't I get some results from my exercise routine?

In addition to all those things, my hormones have gone wacky and I am loosing my hair. Please tell me fabulous is somewhere around the corner waiting for me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Proud Mom

Monday, I was going through my daughters' school folders and they each had a bright orange paper. I just assumed all the parents got one, but no.

It was an invitation to the Student of the Month and Terrific Kid Presentation. Neither child really knew what it was all about except that they should have a parent present on the said date. So, I got myself ready and headed over to school to find out that not one, but two of my daughters were chosen as their class' student of the month.

I was beeming with pride and content. It is great knowing that they both got this school year started off well. I only hope it continues. What am I saying? Of course they will.