Saturday, February 20, 2010


Okay, now I know it is a lot warmer here in the south than up north right now. Today it was about 50〫. A beautiful day right?-especially when the sun is shining. Here's where the crazy comes into the equation.

My two CRAZY girls decided they wanted to go swimming. At first I said no way, but they were relentless. So, I thought if they really want to go since they already had their swimsuits on and didn't let up on the wanting to swim, I said sure why not.

Child #1 jumps in. I hear a screeching, "Mommmmmmmm!" Not to my surprise, the water was obviously cold. Child #2 says, "no way am I getting in." #1 hops back into the ice cold pool and swims for a few more seconds before realizing she didn't think to get a towel. Once again I hear, "Mommmmmmmmm!"

I figured this was it and clothes would be back on, but not my 2. They now decide to bask in the sun. #1 is in the buff and #2 still with her swimsuit. They are nuts. My children are nuts.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy New Year!

As I realize, I have not posted in about three or four months. Wow! A new year has come before us. Happy 2010. Since this time, we have had some exciting things happen here in New Orleans.

Did you hear about the Super Bowl? We won....we, as in the New Orleans Saints. It has been a few weeks and the city is still beaming. This is a great time to be in New Orleans.

New Orleans...proud to call it home.