Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What are you Eating?

We are not eating food, we are eating food-like products. Have you read the ingredients of your food today? Most of us just read calories and fat grams. We forget to look at what we actually put in our mouths. There are so many artificial ingredients in everyday foods we eat. Can you pronounce what's on the label? Is it something you can get out the garden? Does it have 5 ingredients or less? Just a thought about what we eat.

I have become more and more passionate about this topic. I feel like we as Americans need to wake up when it comes to food. Do you really know what you are eating? I read most every single food label I purchase. It is troublesome knowing that there are so many chemically engineered products in our food. What percentage of our food is truly natural whole food?

I am on day three of eating unprocessed foods. It is going well, but I had a few cravings on day one. It is just incredible to me that some of the everyday things such as taco seasoning has so much other stuff. I did allow an exception which is bread. It is something I don't eat much of and am not willing to bake it at this point. There is a bread bakery uptown which I may check out Thursday.

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