Friday, September 28, 2007

33 uses for an old toothbrush

Here's recycling/reusing at its best.

33 uses for old toothbrushes:
1. ring cleaner
2. eyebrow shaper brush
3. jewelry cleaner
4. nail brush
5. carpet cleaner
6. shoe cleaner
7. comb and brush cleaner
8. tile grout cleaner
9. cleaning small grooves in the car
10. remove stains out of fabric
11. cleaning around sinks
12. cleaning around the toilet
13. cleaning around faucets
14. garlic press cleaner
15. scrubbing the part of coffee pot where coffee is dispensed
16. dusting the lint catch in the dryer
17. dusting the lint catch of hair dryer
18. cleaning between fork tines
19. cleaning dog poop from shoe soles
20. cleaning sliding door encasement
21. cleaning computer keyboard
22. cleaning inside of bottles
23. make a toothbrush bracelet,,HGTV_3268_1382191,00.html
24. clean shower tracks
25. clean can opener blades
26. brush your cheese grater
27. clean silk from ears of corn
28. waffle iron cleaner
29. hair dye applicator
30. clean gunk from appliances
31. clean telephone receiver
32. clean light switches
33. clean corners and seams


bmxmom said...

Who knew :)

Sheila said...

Ooh, those are some good ones! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who uses old toothbrushes for such things!

deniselb said...

What a great list! I know it's the best way to clean my ring, but man, my telephone needs some serious toothbrush attention. Thanks for all the tips!!!

Robin Maner said...

Whoa, a toothbrush bracelet? Surprising! Who would have thought that your old teeth cleaners can also be used as an accessory? Well, I will not be surprised if there comes a time when toothbrushes also become fashion statements. LOL!