Thursday, October 4, 2007

If the Cup Fits

My mother has breast cancer, well survived it. The problem she has is no bra fits her. Her left breast is about one size larger than the right. (She would have a fit if she knew I was writing this.)

I have been encouraging her to buy a new full support bra so she doesn't hang out. She tends to "hang out" often because she goes with a bra to fit the smaller breast cup.

Yesterday I decided to go bra shopping for her, but it hit me that no bras in the stores will fit her. How often do you go shopping and find a bra with one C cup and a D cup? Right, I know!

When I saw her, I mentioned this to her and suggested she go to a shop that specializes in special bras for cancer survivors. Her reply was, "why would I do that?" Hello mother, you spent over a year in treatment for breast cancer. I think she may still be in denial. Or that she may think people are going to feel sorry for her if she goes to a place like this.

I never really thought about this, but I guess she could have reconstructive surgery on her breast. Maybe I will mention this to her.

But, in the meantime, I need to help her get a bra that fits properly. I cannot let her go out in public with one breast hanging out the top, bottom, and side of her bra.


Sheila said...

Perhaps there is some denial on her part, that buying a "special" bra would be some sort of admittance to what she has been through.

Reconstructive surgery is an option and maybe that would suit her more.

beki said...

I would suggest fitting the larger breast, then stuffing the smaller side. Don't they make those "chicken fillets" for that sort of thing? Look, here they are:

rosanna said...

I never really thought about that but it must be hard for her looks like they would make special bra for people like that i guest she could stuff the one thats smaller.

anamay said...

I was reading your post this morning and now again. It is so hard to know how your mother feels about her surving the cancer, but having been left with emotional scares and on her body. I think it takes time to heal inside and outside after such an enormous hard time for her.
I just saw on the internet they make nice fit in pads for the breast which is not here any more, but I think it could even more hurt your mom emotionally?
Otherwise I think going to a small, intimate store where they have bras and nightwear (mostly you find these stores in any town), that might be a place to go. They love to help customers discretly.
Maybe a just a sport bra with no cups would help at the moment to hold the bust a bit together. You know the ones you find at Target or Mervyn's, you just slip them over and they make a shape, but are not really bras.

deniselb said...

Recently I had to wear a gown that I could not get altered in time for the event. I had to fill the top out. I went into Victoria's Secret and bought those silcone inserts (yep, the chicken fillets). The sales lady told me they increase cup size by 1-2 sizes. They would probably work with your Mom. She could buy a set and even use them both in the one side that needs it. They sure do work on me and I have very little to work with. And my dress looked OK, too.

Anonymous said...

I had Breast Cancer and have uneven breasts. I am not in denial, I just don't really care that much, I am alive and lopsided and so wat.

Maybe that is how your Mom feels.