Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Early Christmas to Me

Today was the day I finally got around to addressing envelopes for my Christmas cards. It was going great. It even gave me a chance to update my hardcover address book. I felt shameful at one point because I didn't even have my parents' address updated. They've been at their current address for at least  seven years.

In addition, it was a bit sad because there were so many names there that were no longer with us. I still couldn't allow myself to erase those gone from my book.

As I was about to stuff the first envelope, I showed the card to my friend. She looked at it and said, "Doesn't your last name have an 'i' in it?" Well, yes it does. Why was she asking me that? She brought the card close to me and said, "Look!" I misspelled my last name. What the heck! I could not believe I did that.

I ordered the cards from Shutterfly. They looked awesome except for my mistake. In a state of panic, I called Shutterfly. I gave the customer service rep my order number and she noticed it. I told her I misspelled my last name. She immediately said, "Oh, I see you left out the 'i.'" She rambled a few things, but my brain was still in panic mode.

I was expecting to hear her say I would get a discount if I wanted to reprint them, but no.  She offered me a credit for the same amount of cards plus free two day shipping. How awesome is that? She graciously offered me free card reprints and free shipping for a mistake I made.

Shutterfly, you are awesome! I have been using you for many years and will continue.  Your customer service team members rock. I only wish I could remember the young lady that helped me today around 1:55 PM CST. I have many praises for her.

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