Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Kind of Cup?

Okay guys, this one is not for you. This post is just for the ladies. I just placed an order for a feminine product. I cannot wait until it comes in. It is called a Moon Cup (US). When I first learned about it, I thought it was so weird, then I did some research and now think this may be the next best thing.

I was flipping through one of my sister's British magazines and found an article about the British version of the menstrual cup called the Mooncup (UK). This is what started me on this search. I found an awesome website called Ecomenses that lists all of the different brands of cups, her reviews of many of them, and a wealth of information.

I am so darn excited. I have to wait 3-7 days until it arrives. You'd think I was waiting for an envelope with money or a new car, but no, just a menstrual cup. Something that I feel will revolutionize they way I think about and handle Mother Nature's Special Gift each month.

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