Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Road to Spirituality

Maybe it is because of the realization that I am pregnant with my third child, but I am searching for my spirituality. I have been on this search for quite some time, but have not had any luck. I think now that the newest member of our family will be arriving in about 7 months, I am really trying to complete projects and fill this spirituality void I have been having.

First of all, I decided I needed to learn how to pray. This I felt was my start to finding lost spirituality. I did consult a few people on how one learns this art, but I never followed through. The main person I depended on in this matter finally contacted me last night. I am a bit disappointed and felt like he copped out, but he did guide me to someone that I really think can help.

This person I am talking about is the priest at our church. Since we are in this new age of technology, I decided to email him. I did tell him I had something that concerned me and wanted to talk and we decided email would be best for both of us. This is usually the best form of communication for me because I can do it when the kids are asleep and I can focus. I really gathered my thoughts well and spoke how I felt with my present spirituality and religion. I am not one to make my feelings known too often, so this was really a break through for me. I sent this email on October 14, 2007. Well, November 11, 2007 comes around and no response from my priest. I resent the email, but changed the subject and added a few statements at the beginning of the email. I saw him at church on Sunday, but didn't say anything.

On Monday, I decided to call him. I didn't get him, so I left a message. Finally, Tuesday night he called. I guess I wouldn't have been so bothered had he just sent a quick email response saying I got your email, but I am busy and will get back to you later. Of course when he calls, I am sleeping and in a fog during most of our conversation. I am sorry to say that as a priest, I thought he would be more helpful and give me more insight.

The good thing that I did take from our foggy conversation was that our Archdiocese has a department called the Archdiocese Spirituality Center. This really excites me! I called today to set up an appointment with a spirituality director. I never knew there was such a thing. This person will help guide me on my journey to finding my spirituality and learning how to pray.

The lady I spoke with asked me, "who would you like?" Of course, I don't know anyone so she said a man, lady, priest, nun, layperson, young, old. So, I told her about me, my age, my family, and my expectations. Her reply was, "I have the perfect person for you." This sounds really encouraging. This 3 minute conversation was certainly more stimulating than the 35 minute conversation with my priest.

I am now waiting impatiently to hear from my spirituality director. I am hoping this is just what I need on my road to spirituality.


Sheila said...

A spirituality center sounds great. I hope that you find what you are looking for!

GreenStyleMom said...

I have been thinking about returning to some sort of spirituality both for me and as an example and education for my children.

I just read Eat, Love, Pray and I found it very spiritually inspiring yet realistic

deniselb said...

I believe in prayer! Let me know and I'll pray with you anytime.