Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary

November 30, 2007 we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Actually, we celebrated the whole weekend. This year we decided to celebrate in style without children. It was realized that we have never been away from the kids as a couple more than a few of hours during the day due to work.

FG has been out of town away from the kids several times, but never away from the kids with me. I actually went out of town for a wedding with my mom 3 weeks ago without the girls. FG stayed home with them in order for me to have my first weekend alone. It was nice, but I was ready to get back home to them.

Here's how our anniversary weekend started. Friday night, we went to the ballet. We saw the production of the dance company Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Quite frankly, I hated it. The first act was horrible. I fell asleep during the first act and intermission. The second act was certainly a lot better. It held my interest better, but not FG's. He fell asleep this time. When Act Three came around, we decided to leave. I spent 15 years of my life dancing. Be it that I am no expert in dance, but some of the moves just didn't seem normal and certainly not graceful. I guess I am more of a traditionalists when it comes to dance. Surprisingly, FG is the one that wanted to go to the ballet. I wanted to go to the symphony to see the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. But, as you know, marriage is about compromise.

Saturday morning we did spend some time with the girls. In fact, we had breakfast with Santa at Zea's Restaurant at the Esplanade Mall. It was fun, but a bit unorganized. They kind of forgot about us and we had to track down Santa and Mrs. C in order to take pictures.

Two o'clock was the time. The time for us to say have a good weekend kids with your grandparents. We were off to downtown New Orleans to the W Hotel New Orleans on Poydras Street. You would think we were taking some long trip away from the girls far far away, but it was just a ten minute drive from home. It was just what I needed!

First of all, I just hung out in the hotel room. I did nothing for about 15 minutes. Then I decided to do something I rarely get to do...take a bath without being interrupted. It was very nice. They had Bliss skincare products which were very nice and my skin appreciated them.

Next, we got ready for our dinner reservations at 6:00 PM. They were for Cafe Adelaide across the street at the Lowes Hotel. Our location was fantastic. The restaurant was across the street. Harrah's Casino was next door. Well, back to dinner. Being that the restaurant is part of the Brennan's family empire, service was excellent. The food was good, but I was very limited since I don't eat beef or pork. Of course, they had their namesake turtle soup and duck. FG got both of them. I got squash soup which was good, but too sweet for me. Next I had the shrimp remoulade. I think this was my favorite part of my meal. My entree was tuna. It was just fine, but not the excellence I was expecting. We decided to skip dessert since we were going to a party. I guess I have become a food snob over the years. That's what happens when you live in a city where food is such an important part of the culture. It is the culture.

Our next stop was next door at Miracle on Fulton Street. It is part of the Harrah's Casino Hotel. It was quite lovely. There was a band that played, Santa was there, and the icing on the cake was snow! Well, it is the closest thing we will get to snow here in southeast Louisiana. The street was very enchanting. I wish I had the girls with me because they would have had so much fun. But, it was an excellent experience with just FG and me.

Our final stop for the night was a party at the Elms Mansion on St. Charles Avenue. Lucky for us, it was a very mild evening and we were able to enjoy the grounds of the mansion. I held out on dessert at the restaurant because I figured we would have some at the party. We left 30 minutes before the party ended and still no dessert. I was so disappointed. Otherwise, we had a very nice time at the party. It was just lovely.

Now, back to the hotel. Did I happen to mention the incredible service we had at the W? There was a gentleman that goes by the name "Doc". He is the epitome of customer service. He is the man! If you need anything, I mean anything, he is the go-to man. Part of the unexpected service we got was a message from the staff wishing us a Happy Anniversary, a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room after about an hour of our arrival. In the morning, a chocolate mousse dessert was delivered to our room with Happy Anniversary on the chocolate. They really paid attention to the details. I certainly felt special. One detail we both noticed was in the elevators. They had rugs that said "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", and "Good Evening" which were changed according to time of day.

Well, that was our weekend without children. we certainly did enjoy it. I don't know why it took us that long to do it. I am ready for a child free weekend or night again!


deniselb said...

Sounds like so much fun and thank you for posting the pic! :0) Happy fifth anniversary!

kiki36 said...

Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like you had a great time! Chocolate mousse - Yumm!

Alex & Maya said...

Hey Chica
Congrats on both the anniversary and the weekend to yourselves! I am jealous.. DD is 4 and we still haven't done anything like that.. I am getting close to brave.. Sounds like a treat.. I want to go to New Orleans so bad.. One of my favorite authors Ann Rice bases lots of her books in New Orleans. She describes a house in my favorite book and I jsut want to see it. She lives in it. In the french quarter..Anyhow. I have heard the the W hotels are fabulous.. Bummer on the food not being up to par or the ballet.. darn.. See you around the site..