Friday, March 1, 2013

Roller Derby Moms

Thursday night my daughters' school had skate night for a fundraiser. We always go and I always watch. This night I decided to skate. It was lots of fun being on skates again. I only wish I could have skated faster, but the ground looked so far away. I didn't want to risk a fall. Lucky for me I did stay vertical.

Toward the end of the night they had races for several age categories. My oldest daughter won her category. The next one was for girls 12 and older. No one got out on the rink. I decided I was going to do it. I got a friend of mine to race with me and one more mom decided to join us, too.

The music started and we were off. Of all the music choices, they played Justin Bieber's Baby. I was coasting cautiously around the turns. They were gaining on me. It was one of those crazy surreal moments when everything felt like it was in slow motion. The race was over in less than a minute but it felt like ten. I crossed the finish line first and got my coupon for a free night of skating.

It was pure victory! My daughter and all her friends were so excited. They all came running skating toward me to congratulate me. I felt like the coolest mom ever. To have that feeling from the kids itself was pure victory.

I certainly see skating in my near future.

A friend of mine has a video of the race. If I'm able to upload it, I'll post it here.

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