Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well Done New Orleans!

As you know the Super Bowl was just in New Orleans. The city did an amazing job preparing for the event and put on an awesome show. My husband and I went to visit the festivities and were so impressed.

The Verizon Super Bowl Boulevard was a lot of fun. Of course we got to hear some really great local musicians, but we got to try lots of new food from vendors that aren't typically at the usual Woldenberg festivals. There was something special about the city for the Super Bowl; it looked spectacular.

The guests, locals, vendors, shop owners, bus drivers, and everyone else I came in contact with were extremely friendly. There was something in the air that was so uplifting and special. The energy from the city was magnetizing!

I am so happy to be from this great city of New Orleans. If you didn't make it for the Super Bowl, well, you need to make it out here soon.

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