Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Panic, She's Not Bleeding

Here's the phone conversation I had with my dad.

Dad: Hey there, everything is okay, she's not bleeding anymore.
Me: What are you talking about? Who's not bleeding?
Dad: CG fell, but she's okay. She isn't bleeding, but she might need a stitch.
Me: Sorry, but I am not getting everything. What happened?
Dad: CG fell off the bar stool and hit her head. She's not bleeding, but should I take her to the hospital for a stitch?
Me: Let me come over and check her out.
Dad: Oh, she's fine. She just needs one little stitch. The gash looks really deep, but I am glad it isn't bleeding anymore.
Me: Let me call FG and the pediatrician.

Pediatrician: Take her to Children's Hospital

FG picked her up and brought her to Children's Hospital ER. The first text I got from him was she had a skull fracture via Xray, was waiting on CT scan and staples to close the laceration. Next my poor baby had to get 4 staples to her head. Finally the CT came back and showed no bleeding and no fractures. Yeah, we are in the clear.

I was going to meet FG and CG at the hospital, but FG asked me to stay put and he would take care of her. That was the most difficult day at work. Lucky for me, I got him to swing by my work so I can see her.

You would never know she just had a major blow to the head and staples applied. She was silly and giggly as ever. She did show me her boo boo and said "don't touch" as she was pointing to it.

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