Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baking Frenzy

Well, today I went on a gluten free baking frenzy. I started with cinnamon raisin bread, made some pancakes, and finally chocolate chip cookies. Since I am still learning how to bake gluten free, I figured I would try all sorts of new things today. Some good and some, well, not so good.

I'll start with the good.
Here's my cinnamon raisin bread. I cannot believe it, but it rose. To everyone's surprise, it tasted fairly well. The kids, especially loved it. I had to put some butter and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar to satisfy my taste. And, it sliced very well thanks to my electric bread knife.

Next were the pancakes. As you can see, they were rather flat. Once again, the kids loved my creation! The girls originally complained about how they looked, but ate every single pancake. I score again.
Now for the disappointment. Here are the horrible cookies. The only one who actually ate them was the baby. But, she eats everything. She's not very selective when it comes to food. I'll just try again. When all else fails, I know the Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookies are yummy. Thanks Betty!

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