Thursday, January 10, 2008

When the Bee Stings

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. I was stung by a bee. I guess getting stung is not so weird, it is how it happened.

I was getting into my car and like usual, I sat down in my seat, but felt a sting. I don't think the bee intended on stinging me, but I sat on it and got stung. I had already put my car in reverse when this happened. When I felt the sting I jumped up and hopped out of the car. What I didn't realize was that the car was still in reverse. My car rolled down the driveway into the street with my daughter in the car. Lucky for me there were no cars passing or cars parked behind me in the street.

It was a crazy moment. Lucky for me I didn't start swelling up from the sting. I was able to carry on with my day. I did get the stinger out. It wasn't in all the way as a typical stinger would be. That's why I don't think it intended on stinging me, but I sat on it by accident.

The lesson here for me is to check my seat before sitting down.


ginko said...

I'm so thankful your daughter is okay and that you are feeling better...what a story!

Somelofski said...

lol..sorry to little brother ate one last summer..stung his tongue..Im glad your car and daughter are alright! you got lucky with that one!

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness! Glad to hear that you did not have a reaction and that no accident occured with your car (or daughter)! :)