Monday, January 7, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

Today is the day. LSU vs. OSU. Actually in just a minute or so is kick off.

This city has been so crazy today. Everywhere you look, there is purple and gold. I was listening to the radio and they were playing the LSU fight song. Now, there have been many bowl games in New Orleans with LSU, but not quite like this one.

This is all the people have been talking about. Today was the first day back at school for most children from the winter break. I felt really badly because I forgot it was purple and gold day. My daughter could have worn an LSU t-shirt with blue jeans. She was one of maybe 5 students with her school uniform today. The school next door to her school was supposed to start back today, but I didn't see anyone. At least no students. Our babysister said here school will resume tomorrow because so many teachers were not going to show up. Therefore the school declared today a teacher enrichment day with no classes.

My daughter knows nothing about football and certainly nothing about LSU. Well, when I picked her up from school she said she wanted to go to the LSU park. As I am putting her to bed she is saying "go Tigers". It is amazing what children learn. She is only 3.

This morning my father dropped his car off downtown close to the Superdome. He and my mother are going to the game. Are you ready for how they go their tickets? First I will say they were free. A friend of theirs payed $1300 for each ticket. That is $2600. She could not get a flight down here so she offered them to my parents. Back to dropping the car off. My dad figured it would be hectic getting to the Superdome so he dropped his car off, took the streetcar to the end of the line on Canal Street and I picked him up. I was going to drop them off at the same place, but we realized there was no traffic. I drove all the way to the Superdome and parked right next to his car and tailgated with them and their fellow tailgaters.
I do have a feeling that downtown New Orleans shut down early today.

There were so many people out there. Parked thank goodness. I am just amazed that it took me no time to get downtown and back home. There was no traffic. I guess everyone decided to get down there early. It looked like a lot of people had been there since very early today by the stumbling.

I am not a big football fan, but I will watch this game.

Geauxxxxxxxxxxx Tigers!


sixpacknla said...

I'm watching it too, lol!
I can't believe there was no traffic! Saturday was HORRIBLE!!! It took us (my mom's driving and aun't bad directions) an hour to get from Tchoupitoulas to the Omni on St. Louis! That was an interesting ride! All you saw was red and purple and gold everywhere, with people yelling "O-H" followed by someone accross the street or down the road yelling "I-O"! (It took us about 20 minutes to figure out what they were saying, LOL! We thought they were saying " '08" and "high hopes", LOL!) And of course "LSU, LSU, LSU"! I am so glad for you that the traffic was better today than Saturday! I hope they have an amzing time at the dome!


9:35 score 24-10 LSU!!!

Geggie said...

whoo hooo! We won!

We're #1!!

I LOVE YOU said...