Monday, March 26, 2007

To The Beach

This weekend, we decided to go to the beach. SG has been asking for weeks, "can we go to the beach?", so we decided to head out to the gulf coast.

Our destination was Gulf Shores, Alabama. Usually we go to Destin, FL, but decided to stay a little closer for our first venture out with both of the kids. This was MM's first trip to the beach. She loved it! SG had a great time and has a savage tan. I am so glad she got those jeans from her father. Now, MM on the other hand took after me and has lily white skin.

Now, what is it with children and the beach! They just can't get enough. No matter how blue they are from the freezing cold water, sunburned, or full of sand, they do not want to leave. Sand can be in every crevice of the body, but it makes no difference, they don't want to leave.

A couple of highlights and then I will share some photos. I had the BEST steamed shrimp and crab legs at Gulf Shores Steamer. I will drive down there just to have their steamed shrimp and crab legs again. I grew up eating boiled shrimp, but these steamed shrimp put boiled ones to shame. Next highlight is the view from our room. It was spectacular! We were right on the beach.

Can you believe this is what we saw each morning we woke up. How splendid!

The only regret I have is where we stayed. Although it was nice, there was something I did not like about it. I just can't put my finger on what it was. Our accommodations were at the Phoenix All Suites Hotel. It had everything we needed, but something was just off.

The Beach Babes:

SG was so enamored with the "old school" souvenir shop entrances.

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