Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pajama Party

I came across this cause and am very excited about helping out. It is called the Pajama Program. All that they ask for is a pair of pajamas or a book. Who doesn't want a good book or nice warm PJs? I challenge everyone out there to send a pair of pajamas and a book.

They have many chapters in the US and a couple international, which include Canada and Australia. If you find a local chapter, get involved locally!

How about plan a pajama drive party!

"It's easy and fun for all ages! PJ drives can happen almost anywhere - homes, offices, retail stores, spas, and throughout towns and cities. Drives can be organized by almost any group - Scout troops, churches, synagogues, teachers, seniors, day care centers, libraries, performers or any group you belong to or are aware of. You can even have a birthday party for your child and ask your guests to bring a pair of new PJs to the party!"

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