Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Deja Vu

Hurricane Sandy sure has done a number on the East Coast. This is very familiar to me since I live in Southeast Louisiana. Listening to the news reports just seems like yesterday when we were hit with Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.

There was a reporter calling into a news show stating how in the Rockaway area where he was reporting from, there was no help. It seems this was the area hit the hardest. People don't have food, water, resources to clean up, or any assistance. He even stated he saw National Guardsmen hanging out a few miles down the road just waiting for orders.

Lessons we learned in New Orleans is that your community is your family. Don't wait on the government to step in because you might be waiting a long time. The spirit of community just overwhelms you in situations like this. You meet neighbors, strangers who become good friends, and a sense of ownership and belonging.

Natural disasters are terrible things, but it really brings people together. Thank goodness to the many faith based groups that come in to offer their expertise and assistance. Sometimes talking with a complete stranger and them saying a prayer with you is just what you need.

New York and New Orleans have a reciprocal relationship when it comes to times of need. We were there for them during 9/11. They were here for Katrina. And I bet you we will be up there to help out with Sandy's aftermath. I could almost guarantee the Gumbo Crew will be up there soon cooking up some gumbo for anyone needing something to eat.

I know I will be helping out, but I don't know exactly how just yet. I might send money, provide clothes, send toiletries, or fly up there to help rebuild. I do know when a hurricane leaves its wrath people come together. And we will come together and help rebuild the New York and New Jersey areas even better.

Our house was flooded by Katrina with about 4 feet of water. My parents' house was flooded with about 20 feet of water for about 10 weeks. We got through it so will you!

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