Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sweet CG. I cannot believe she turned two. It seems like yesterday that I was taking a pregnancy test for her. But, as you know time flies when you're having fun.

There have been so many milestones she has reached. You would think this is my first time with a child turning 2, but it is my 3rd. One of the things I am so happy about is that she is still sleeping in her crib. SG was jumping out of hers at 15 months. MM got moved out of hers at about 22 months in order to make room for CG.

CG is a little talking machine. My others were talking machines, but not like this one. It was really cute hearing her say one word sentences, but she is making 3-4 word sentences. Usually, they are demanding sentences, too. I am going to chalk that up to the "terrible twos."

It is truly amazing to see how similar, yet how different all 3 girls are. Somethings they do, it is like watching me, Mini-Me. Other times they are so unique in their cute little ways.

Happy Birthday CG!

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