Saturday, February 20, 2010


Okay, now I know it is a lot warmer here in the south than up north right now. Today it was about 50〫. A beautiful day right?-especially when the sun is shining. Here's where the crazy comes into the equation.

My two CRAZY girls decided they wanted to go swimming. At first I said no way, but they were relentless. So, I thought if they really want to go since they already had their swimsuits on and didn't let up on the wanting to swim, I said sure why not.

Child #1 jumps in. I hear a screeching, "Mommmmmmmm!" Not to my surprise, the water was obviously cold. Child #2 says, "no way am I getting in." #1 hops back into the ice cold pool and swims for a few more seconds before realizing she didn't think to get a towel. Once again I hear, "Mommmmmmmmm!"

I figured this was it and clothes would be back on, but not my 2. They now decide to bask in the sun. #1 is in the buff and #2 still with her swimsuit. They are nuts. My children are nuts.

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deniselb said...

Absolutely crazy. Those girls are something else!